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Bitmap Exporting

An application developer can export a document's pages into bitmap format by invoking the MuPDF library directly, opening the document and processing the resulting pages into a bitmap file sequence.

Loading MuPDF without a UI

To load the MuPDF library and use it directly an application developer should import mupdfdk and request a document load as follows:

import mupdfdk

var mupdfdkLib:MuPDFDKLib?

func processDocument(_ docPath:String) {
    let settings:ARDKSettings = ARDKSettings()
    mupdfdkLib = MuPDFDKLib.init(settings: settings)

    let fullPath:String = "\(FileManager.default.urls(for: .documentDirectory,
                          in: .userDomainMask).last?.path ?? "")/\(docPath)"

    let doc:MuPDFDKDoc = mupdfdkLib.doc(forPath: fullPath,
                    of: MuPDFDKDoc.docType(fromFileExtension: docPath)) as! MuPDFDKDoc

    doc.successBlock = {
        // See iOS Sample App

    doc.errorBlock = {(error:ARDKDocErrorType?) in



Objective C
#import <mupdfdk/mupdfdk.h>

@property (strong, nonatomic) MuPDFDKLib *mupdfdkLib;

- (void)processDocument:(NSString *)docPath {
    ARDKSettings *settings = [[ARDKSettings alloc] init];
    self.mupdfdkLib = [[MuPDFDKLib alloc] initWithSettings:settings];

    MuPDFDKDoc *doc = [_mupdfdkLib docForPath:[[self nsDocumentsDirectory].path
    ofType:[MuPDFDKDoc docTypeFromFileExtension:docPath]];

    doc.successBlock = ^() {
        // See iOS Sample App

    doc.errorBlock = ^(ARDKDocErrorType error) {
        NSLog(@"Failed to load document: %x", error);

    [doc loadDocument];

- (NSURL *)nsDocumentsDirectory {
    return [[[NSFileManager defaultManager] URLsForDirectory:NSDocumentDirectory
              inDomains:NSUserDomainMask] lastObject];

Upon document load completion an application developer should create an asynchronous task in the successBlock to render pages as bitmaps using the bitmapAtSize method of MuPDFDKDoc (the document instance) against the document's MuPDFDKPage page instances. See the iOS Sample app and the ConvertToPNGSample folder reference for a full example.