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MuPDF iOS App Kit
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Getting Started

System requirements

  • Xcode minimum SDK: 9
  • iOS minimum version: 11.0

Adding the App Kit to your project

You should have been provided with a mupdfdk.framework file for your project. This file is effectively the MuPDF Developer Kit and contains all the code required for your projects.

The linked framework should be added to your project file system and then referenced in the Frameworks section in Xcode.

See the Xcode screenshot below for an example:

Xcode frameworks

Xcode importing frameworks

If there is an compile time error which complains that the linked framework cannot be found ensure to validate your workspace in Xcode with:

Build Settings -> Build Options -> Validate Workspace = YES

Verify your integration

To ensure you have correctly added the framework to your project ensure that your source code files can reference import mupdfdk without error.