The OpenGL based viewer can read PDF, XPS, CBZ, EPUB, and FB2 documents. It compiles on any platform that has a GLUT library. The latest release builds on Linux, Windows, and MacOS.

Command Line Options

mupdf-gl [options] document [page]
-p password
The password needed to open a password protected PDF file.
-r resolution
Set the initial zoom level, specified as DPI. The default value is 72.
-W width
Set the page width in points for EPUB layout.
-H height
Set the page height in points for EPUB layout.
-S size
Set the default font size in points for EPUB layout.
-U stylesheet
Specify a CSS file containing user styles to load for EPUB layout.
Ignore publisher styles for EPUB layout.
Disable Javascript in PDF forms.
-A level
Set anti-aliasing level or pixel rendering rule.
0: off
2: 4 levels
4: 16 levels
8: 256 levels
9: using centre of pixel rule
10: using any part of a pixel rule
Start in inverted color mode.
-B hex-color
Set black tint color (default 303030)
-C hex-color
Set white tint color (default FFFFF0)
-Y factor
Set UI scaling factor (default calculated from screen DPI).

Mouse Bindings

The middle mouse button (scroll wheel button) pans the document view.

The right mouse button selects a region and copies the marked text to the clipboard.

Key Bindings

Several commands can take a number argument entered before the key, to modify the command. For example, to zoom to 150 dpi, type "150z".

F1Display help.
iShow document information.
oShow document outline.
LHighlight links.
FHighlight form fields.
aShow annotation editor.
rReload document.
SSave document (only for PDF).
qQuit viewer.
<Decrease E-book font size.
>Increase E-book font size.
IToggle inverted color mode.
CToggle tinted color mode.
EToggle ICC color management.
eToggle spot color emulation.
AToggle anti-aliasing.
fToggle fullscreen.
wShrinkwrap window to fit page.
WFit page width to window.
HFit page height to window.
ZFit page size to window.
[number] zSet zoom resolution in DPI.
+Zoom in.
-Zoom out.
[Rotate counter-clockwise.
]Rotate clockwise.
[arrows] or h, j, k, lPan page in small increments.
bSmart move one screenful backward.
[space]Smart move one screenful forward.
[comma] or [page up]Go one page backward.
[period] or [page down]Go one page forward.
[number] gGo to page number.
GGo to last page.
mSave current page to navigation history.
tGo back in navigation history.
TGo forward in navigation history.
[number] mSave current page in numbered bookmark.
[number] tGo to numbered bookmark.
/Start searching forward.
?Start searching backward.
nContinue searching forward.
NContinue searching backward.