The ultimate library for managing PDF documents

MuPDF is the fast & powerful solution for managing PDF and other document formats.

Open source & commercial licensing available

The MuPDF source code

The core library - built with C
(and a lot of love 💖)

Don’t you C?

With the core MuPDF library written in C it offers unparalleled speed and performance for document processing.

High-Performance Applications

Ideal for demanding desktop and server applications requiring PDF processing, conversion, or visualization.

Supports Multiple Formats

MuPDF supports a wide range of file formats, including: PDF, XPS, EPUB, MOBI, FB2, CBZ, SVG, TXT, Image.

MuPDF explored

MuPDF Explored

“MuPDF Explored” is a free book by Robin Watts of Artifex software.

Download Book


MuPDF features can be added and removed by integrators as required.

Language Binding Benefit.

With solutions built on compiled and highly performant machine C code, everything else gets a boost.

The fastest PDF document parsing and data extraction software available in Python.

Table Extraction

PyMuPDF offers a straightforward and efficient method for extracting tables using python.

RAG Integration

PyMuPDF integrates seamlessly with LangChain, Llamaparse and more!Prepare your data for Retrieval-Augmented Generation solutions and give your LLM the data that your users can trust.

How to install

PyMuPDF should be installed using pip with:

pip install pymupdf


Highly efficient in parsing PDFs and extracting text, images, and metadata for data analysis.

Performance boosted by MuPDF

With C code performance at the core of PyMuPDF get serious with your applications.


The C# Language Binding for MuPDF

MuPDF with Java

Use our Java library to develop your backend or frontend solution

Server solutions

If you use Java for your server applications MuPDF is right there to help.

Desktop apps

Our canonical MuPDF repository has Java platform code ready to go right out of the box.

Mobile apps

Need a mobile PDF viewer? Try our Android Library to get started with your development.


As long as you're open source*, you're good, otherwise you will need to buy a commercial license

Open Source

MuPDF is licensed under the GNU AGPL.This is a complex license that allows you to use MuPDF to build your own projects for free, with no warranty and no support. It imposes many conditions on users, including the need to release the full source code for systems built with it.Please ensure that you can comply with the conditions of the AGPL license.

* please make sure you read the details above!

Commercial Licensing

For those users that cannot (or do not want to) comply with the terms of the GNU AGPL, it is also offered under a commercial license.This completely frees users from the complexities imposed by the GNU AGPL.Please contact us if you require a commercial license.

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